There’s a casual elegance to the place, a beauty in its nature.

Welcome to Folsom

A historic town with plenty of recreational opportunities for the young and young-at-heart.
Folsom is a historic town with many recreational activities for the entire family to enjoy. It once was a gold mining town and still holds the essence of how the west was won with good old-fashioned hard work and American spirit. There’s a casual elegance to the place, a beauty in its nature, and chicness to its destinations. The homes of Folsom are custom-built, sprawling ranch houses and large estates in prestigious communities. This charming city has a little slice of heaven for all to carve out.
There are beautiful nature parks all over the city, such as Folsom Lake, with water so clear they bleed into the sky. Local families love exploring these lands together. Residents of Folsom aren’t afraid of the finer side of life, though. They have incredible shopping on Sutter Street, fantastic food, such as Bacchus House Wine Bar and Bistro, and a calendar so packed with activities the city sends a magazine announcing all of them each month.

What to Love

Local Lifestyle

The vibe in Folsom is laid back and casual. Families love spending their time together exploring all of the city's recreations. It has incredible food, chic shopping, and captivating nature. It’s a place where locals know they can be friends with their neighbors, and educational opportunities are bountiful. From the excellent school district to the historical sights, Folsom is a place to enrich the mind.
A day in Folsom isn’t nearly enough, but in a lifetime, locals may unravel all of the treasures hidden within Folsom. Even then, residents find there’s always more to explore.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Folsom residents love spending a sunny day walking along Sutter Street in Folsom’s Historic District. The tree-lined road is bustling with shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s easy to lose an entire day exploring all the unique finds that are the promise of Sutter Street. Once residents tucker out from all the area's delights, they often dine at the mouth-watering Sutter Street Steakhouse. It’s a place that provides a fine dining experience without all the fuss. It’s easy to allow the body to relax in preparation for the incredible fares about to be served.
Of course, when Folsom locals want to relax, they know there’s no better spot than Folsom Lake. The sapphire blue waters sit placidly, reflecting the clear skies overhead for all to enjoy. Lavender grows in abundance here, reminding the visitor to take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful days Folsom has to offer. From the lake, it’s an easy drive to Bacchus House Wine Bar and Bistro, where they embody the spirit of the pristine nature of the lake in food form. Enjoy locally sourced, organically harvested food made to delight and indulge the local food lover. 
Escaping into nature is serene, but there’s more to Folsom than its beauty. The Palladio Shopping Center provides a sophisticated shopping experience. It’s known for the impeccable service, food, and wares available within the plaza. For a more casual shopping experience, there’s nowhere like Folsom Premium Outlets, where it is easy to find all the well-loved significant labels.

Things To Do

Folsom is the place to be all year long. It has a calendar so packed with events that it’s hard not to miss something. Once a week, locals gather at the Folsom Farmers Market to enjoy freshly baked food, seasonal produce and certified locally sourced goods. Being situated along the old railroad provides the market with the quaint, historic charm intrinsic to Folsom. 
The city is most famous for the historic Folsom Prison, where Johnny Cash served time. Most people recognize the city name from Johnny Cash’s famous song. They might not know that he also played many shows at the prison. The music scene in the city didn’t die with Johnny, though. Every year they host a Spring Concert Series and a Twilight Concert Series. These music performances guarantee that locals can easily enjoy music and dancing throughout most of the year! 
Music isn’t the only art to enjoy in town. The Harris Center pprovides a variety of art performances throughout the year. You can catch a play, watch the incredible movements of dancers, and be moved by beautiful music performances all at the Harris Center. They truly go above and beyond their goal of enriching the lives of Californians.


Folsom provides its residents with an excellent education, the school district is known for the quality of academics, teachers, and college prep programs. Notable schools to consider:

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